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Superchargers for Future Fundraising

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The biggest mistake first-time founders make around fundraising is not working on it soon enough.

It's usually 6 months before cash out and "oh shit, we better start planning to raise!"

My last fundraise in 2017 was (for its time) large and lightning quick, but it wasn't my deck that drove those results. It was work I had put in during the 10 years prior that greased the wheels.

This product is a packet of well-defined projects designed to achieve what I did unintentionally over a decade in a few focused months. If you think you'll be raising in 6 months or more, you'll love these superchargers.

This product will enhance your ability to launch an effective fundraise in the future. Full stop.

I don't just give you a list of ideas. I recorded video explainers to give you more color and more importantly I included step-by-step project plans and instructions alongside copywriting templates to help you get started right away.

This entire product took weeks to produce and I'm excited to deliver it to you today.

Not convinced? Read the reactions to the live class version of this product:

  • Great session, Jason! Very unique content. Already working on my [projects]!

  • Amazing session - already doing projects before the year end

  • This was a great session

  • Thanks a lot Jason! What a great lecture. Now we have Xmas homework!

  • Great session Jason! It was perfect to help wrap up 2021 and prepare for 2022 fundraising right out of the gates! Thanks for all you do

And a recent message about my fundraising content

Thanks for letting me help you get better at fundraising.


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Superchargers for Future Fundraising

23 ratings
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